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  • What is Herbal Medicine?
    An approach to healing which uses plant or plant-derived preparations to treat, prevent, or cure various health conditions and ailments. This approach is incorporated into various medical systems. Although herbal medicine does not have a specific point of conception, at present an estimated 80% of the world’s population rely on medicinal plant preparations for their primary healthcare needs, according to the World Health Organization. Despite the extensive use which can be attributed to the use of plants in traditional medical systems, our knowledge of the plants and their values remain largely unexplored. (American Botanical Council)
  • Where do the plants come from that SL Herbs uses to make medicine?
    SL Herbs has a local farm in Denver, where some of the plants are grown and harvested. Some plants are ethically wildcrafted in the Rocky Mountains (and nearby states) by our staff. Additionally, SL Herbs has relationships with herbalists and farms all over the country that supply certain plants and products not found locally.
  • How do I know what herbs/products are best for me?
    While most of our products are self-explanatory, it is still recommended to schedule an “acute consultation” to discuss specific details about what you are looking for and what would be best for your health. Schedule a consult here.
  • Can I order specific herbal formulas or bulk herbs?
    Yes! SL Herbs carries bulk herbs for sale as well as individual tinctures. Please see current list of in-stock herbs HERE. You can always email/or fill out the contact us form with the specific herbs you are looking for or to order.
  • What is Mayan Abdominal Massage?
    A traditional healing technique used by the Mayan people to treat several gastrointestinal complaints as well as reproductive. The massage was performed on men, women and children, and often the sole practice for some healers. The most common technique/treatment is the uterine massage that re-centers or re-aligns the uterus in women.The massage is non-invasive and done externally using a massage or body oil. It relieves swelling/inflammation of reproductive organs.
  • What is the difference between a tea, a tisane, an infusion and a brew?"
    Nothing! They are all used interchangeably and are water extracts of the plant. Boil water first then pour over plant material to steep, strain and drink. For dense plant parts such as roots, barks, dried berries, boil the water with the plant materials, it’s called a “decoction”.
  • What is a Tincture? Extract? Glyceride?
    They are all extracts of the plant, usually more convenient to take and stronger, more concentrated medicine. Alcohol or glycerin is used to pull the medicine (constituents) from the plant material. They are taken by the drops or dropperfuls, and usually take a few times a day.
  • What are salves?
    Oil based extracts usually for topical applications, or culinary uses, salves are made solid by adding beeswax, great for first aid and for musculoskeletal pains, strains, and bruises.
  • What is a Syrup? Elixir?
    These are another way to make and take herbs as medicine. They are used a lot in children’s remedies and cold/cough remedies, they taste good, and are easy to get down.

Frequently Asked Questions

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