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Acute herbal consultation, for minor ailments such as a respiratory   infection, rash, UTIs, and other short-term concerns. Herbal protocols and remedies will be suggested and may be ordered through the online store. 30 min phone call.



Full herbal consultation, with in-depth look at all health concerns, medical history, medications/supplements and daily life activities. Includes a comprehensive overview of suggested herbal protocols, supplements and vitamins, as well as additional suggested therapies. Sessions generally last 1.5 hours, and include a 15 min follow up phone call. 



Women’s Health consultation includes the full herbal consultation, but focuses on women’s health issues, an in-depth discussion about your menstrual cycle and related concerns. Sessions generally last 1.5-2 hours and can be scheduled via phone or in person (home visits require extra fee.). 15 min follow up phone call included. 

Mayan Abdominal Massage

Mayan abdominal massage is a traditional Mayan technique, typically performed by midwives. The massage is an external, non-invasive, slow and gentle massage of the abdominal region and uterus. It is intended to increase circulation and restore the proper position of the uterus and other abdominal organs that may shift for a variety of reasons.

An out of place uterus can cause many symptoms that women suffer from every day: painful or irregular periods, abnormal bleeding, infertility issues, endometriosis, fibroids, cramps, varicose veins, tired/weak/numb legs, pelvic inflammation, chronic miscarriages, painful intercourse, and much more. The massage can be valuable to women of all ages.

Fire Cupping

Fire cupping is an ancient Chinese alternative therapy that is beneficial for many issues including inflammation, poor circulation, infections, lymph stagnation, and much more.  Many athletes find relief from tired and sore muscles with cupping therapy, and many others use treatment to reduce stress and anxiety as well. Schedule your treatment today!

Therapeutic Taping

Kinesio Taping is becoming increasingly popular as a therapeutic treatment for many things. The kinesiology tape is applied to the skin and lifts the skin slightly to increase the circulation below, allowing for inflammation and stagnant blood to flow more freely. Some of the benefits of KT taping include reducing pain, reducing inflammation, increasing circulation, reducing swelling, reducing bruising, supporting joints and muscles, and supporting posture. Sarah is certified apply Kinesiology tape and additionally has training to apply the tape on pregnant and postpartum bellies!

Plant  Brushings, Smudging, Air Cleaning

Smudging, air clearing and plant brushings are all ancient ceremonies and therapies practiced by indigenous people, and have seen a rise in use current society. The practice involves burning dried or fresh herbs and plants to cleanse or purify the air and space. Scientifically speaking, the smoke is believed to have negative ions that can clear out mold, bacteria, spores, pollen dander, dust and other airborne substances. In some practices, the ceremony holds spiritual meaning and cleansing and can represent a new energy, new life and increased sense of well-being. 

Plant brushings use fresh plants and herbs to touch the skin on various parts of the body and promote healing both physically and emotionally. Traditionally, plant brushings were part of ceremonies and spiritual rituals, but can be found now as part of lots of self-care or relaxation therapies. 

Belly Binding

Bengkung Belly Binding is an ancient art of wrapping the abdomen shortly after giving birth and into the postpartum period. The support of the wrap gives the healing belly extra support and stability as the uterus begins to shrink and the stomach organs begin to move back to normal positions. Additionally, the wrap helps keep the torso and the rest of the body secure and in balance. Belly binding can be a great helper when breastfeeding, as it supports the rib cage and middle back as well.

Even pressure is applied throughout the wrap as it goes around the entire abdominal cavity and in return supports the back and posture.  Each session involves a warm belly rub with therapeutic herbs to aid in the healing process as well as self-instruction for further wrapping. 

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